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Digital Ultrasounds For Pets With Cottonwood Animal Hospital In Salt Lake City, UT

If labwork, x-rays, and a physical exam don't show any problems with your ailing dog or cat, a digital ultrasound could be the diagnostic tool we need to find out why your pup won't eat or can't keep anything down. At Cottonwood Animal Hospital, we've found that a digital ultrasound examination can find solutions to pet health problems that no other method can reach. While it's not a magic cure and it won't work in every situation, these exams can help even the most puzzling cases, showing internal problems we could never see before.

Husky Being Prepared For Ultrasound

How it Works

An ultrasound exam is an imaging technique that allows us to see your pet's internal body structures, using reflections of super-high sound waves. It's completely painless, totally safe, and non-invasive. Our veterinarian uses a wand to direct a beam of high energy sound waves toward the body part in question. The sound waves will either bounce off, go through, or be absorbed by your animal's body. The ones that bounce off will return and be turned into an image that we can study and use for diagnosis.

The Best Uses for This Technique

While we can use this tool for many parts of your pet's body, it was first used for diagnosing pregnancy. It's very effective in seeing inside reproductive organs. Some of the other more valuable uses are in diagnosing heart issues, looking for changes in abdominal organs, and diagnosing tumors and cysts.

Does it Work for All Organs?

Ultrasounds can't be used to diagnose organs containing air, so they're useless in examining or diagnosing problems in normal lungs. Sound waves also can't go through bone, so we also can't use it to diagnose problems in the spinal cord or brain. Obviously, in the case of bone breaks or other problems, traditional x-rays are the way to go.

Preparing Your Pet

Unlike with some other examinations or procedures, the ultrasound is completely painless. Your pet simply has to lie quietly while a wand is passed over her body. We will need to shave the examination area on your cat or dog, as the wand needs to keep in contact with the skin during the exam. But there is no need for anesthetic or medication, and your pet will feel comfortable and safe during the entire examination.

Contact Our Salt Lake City Office Today!

When it comes to diagnosing any health problems with your dog or cat, our professional team is dedicated to using every tool and technique available. Give us a call to make an appointment. Contact the Cottonwood Animal Hospital at (801) 278-0505 and we'll set up a visit today.

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