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Pet Surgery at Cottonwood Animal Hospital

Owning a pet is a big responsibility, and owners must be ready to provide their beloved animals with what they need -- including, sometimes, surgery. But pet surgery doesn't have to involve critical health crises, and even a routine procedure may convey remarkable benefits for a lifetime. Here at Cottonwood Animal Hospital in Salt Lake City, any veterinarian on our extensive team can provide surgery for a number of reasons and conditions, as well as careful anesthesia and comprehensive follow-up care for that special pet in your life.

pet prepping for surgery

Common Reasons for Pet Surgery

Why do pets undergo surgery? Sometimes the reason can be surprisingly mundane -- and yet still very important. For example, spay and neuter surgery serves as a preventative measure; not only does it prevent pregnancy, but it also prevents or minimizes your pet's risk for many reproductive diseases and hormone-fueled misbehaviors. Some surgeries are purely exploratory in nature, allowing us to identify problems and diagnose internal conditions. Other surgeries offer pain management. Orthopedic surgery, for instance, can reduce painful friction in a hip joint or reconstruct a knee hobbled by a ruptured ligament.

Of course, there are also times when surgery plays a vital role in treating an acute or emergency condition. We may perform internal surgery to remove bladder stones, extract swallowed objects, repair a damaged organ, or help your pet have a safe delivery. Emergency surgery can also reverse a potentially-deadly case of bloat, seal blood vessels, close wounds, and repair fractures. In these kinds of situations, our surgical skill can make all the difference in your pet's health or even save his life.

The Role of General Anesthesia

Your veterinarian at our Salt Lake City clinic will most likely administer general anesthesia for your pet's surgery. If this notion worries you, keep in mind that we will evaluate your pet's health with great care beforehand so we know just how to provide the right anesthesia. We don't just want to prevent your pet from feeling any pain during his procedure -- we also want to make sure he remains absolutely motionless while we're operating.

Medication and At-Home Treatment Guidance

Your pet will receive medication following his surgery. Antibiotics are important for preventing infection, while pain relievers may also be prescribed for a more comfortable recovery. We will instruct you on how to check your pet's incision, change dressings, and help your pet recover successfully.

Questions? Call Cottonwood Animal Hospital Your Salt Lake City Veterinarian!

Your friendly Salt Lake City veterinarian at Cottonwood Animal Hospital is happy to answer your questions and schedule your pet's pre-operative exam. Call our clinic at (801) 278-0505 today

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