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Pet Wellness with our Veterinarians in Salt Lake City, UT

The key to a happy pet who is enjoyable to be around is his or her general wellness. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to maintain or improve your pet’s overall wellness, such as getting them vaccinations, grooming, dental services, parasite prevention, and wellness checkups. Our Salt Lake City veterinarians at Cottonwood Animal Hospital provide a variety of services to maintain your pet’s health.

dog during a wellness exam with a veterinarian in Salt Lake City


Immunizations are some of the most basic, yet most essential, things your pet can have. In dogs and cats, they prevent diseases that range from debilitating to lethal. Getting the shots from the vet is quick and easy, so they should definitely be part of your pet's wellness program.

Dental Services

Most veterinarians now offer teeth cleaning service, and like in humans, regular cleanings and checkups are considered essential for good oral and general health. Here at Cottonwood Animal Hospital, we go a step beyond the norm: We offer your pet all of the services your dentist can offer you. Instead of simply extracting problem teeth like many other offices do, we can provide fillings, root canals, and crowns.

Parasite Prevention

It's important to prevent both external and internal parasites from taking up residence on or in your pet. Parasites spread diseases, some of which can spread to humans. They also suck the blood of your pet – whether from the skin or the intestinal wall - and this causes general debilitation. Heartworms have the added problem of being able to clog blood vessels, the heart, and the lungs with their bodies. It's essential to keep your pet parasite-free in order to preserve his or her health. Our veterinarian can prescribe easy-to-use, long-acting medications to achieve this goal.

Emergency Services

Even though most pet care is about maintaining general wellness, there is a high chance that a pet will need to go to the veterinary ER at some point in life. Whether this is due to an accident, a sudden episode of serious disease, or another reason, we have the facilities and vets needed to provide emergency service. We offer our Pet Emergency Room service 24/7 because we know that life-threatening problems can't wait. Note that the Pet ER does not handle routine care – routine procedures are only handled during regular office hours.

Contact Cottonwood Animal Hospital in Salt Lake City Today

To set up an appointment for a wellness checkup or for specific services, just call Cottonwood Animal Hospital at (801) 278-0505 to make an appointment with our veterinarians in Salt Lake City, UT. We serve the following areas of town: Cottonwood Heights, Murray, Holladay, Midvale, and Sandy. We'll be glad to see your four-legged companions.

If you need emergency pet services, give us a call or just come in at any time. You don't need an appointment to have your pet seen for a life-threatening condition. Contact our animal emergency room at (801) 278-3367

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