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Veterinary Services For Cats In Salt Lake City

A part of being a cat owner is bringing your pet to a veterinarian in the Salt Lake City care on a routine basis. This will keep your pet in optimal health and if a Pet Emergency arises, even if during a holiday, a practitioner will have background information available to determine the right course of action to give proper medical care to the animal. Most people in the Cottonwood heights or Sandy area bring their cats to Cottonwood Animal Hospital when a cat becomes injured or sick. Here is some information about cats to help keep your own feline in the best of health throughout its life.

cat being examined by her veterinarian in salt lake city, ut

Evaluation at Kitten Stage

A veterinarian in the Midvale or Murray area will check over your kitten to make sure there are no underlying problems present that will lead to medical intervention. They will take the cat's measurements to determine an appropriate diet plan. Immunizations and spaying/neutering will also be discussed at this time.

Routine Yearly Visits

Yearly visits are required to keep your cat healthy. The vet will conduct an examination, checking the cat over from head to toe for any changes in their appearance. They will ask questions pertaining to any behavioral issues and will make recommendations if necessary. Immunizations are administered during these visits as well. 

Vet Procedures Just For Cats

Cats are prone to intestinal parasites. A vet will conduct a test for heartworm to determine whether your cat has this parasite present within their body. Other parasites that require treatment include roundworms, fleas, ticks, and hookworms. Medication is administered if any of these parasites are discovered.

In addition to parasite problems, cats are at risk for Feline Leukemia throughout their life. It is extremely important to have a cat inoculated for this often life-threatening disease. If a cat does fall victim to this condition, a veterinarian will take the proper actions to keep the cat comfortable for as long as possible. 

Geriatric screening is also conducted on cats when they get up into their later years. This often helps to catch conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, or hormonal issues. These screenings help to diagnose these medical difficulties so a suitable treatment is administered quickly.

Contact the Cottonwood Animal Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT

If you have a cat of your own, seeing a vet is necessary to keep them happy and healthy. Cottonwood Animal Hospital is ready to help you with preventative measures as well as Pet Emergency services when needed, even if it is a holiday. Call us at (801) 278-0505 today to set up an appointment.

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